Champagne Bucket with Mango Wood Base


Great for serving everything from baked goods to potato salad, this Round Aluminium Bowl on Mango Wood Base adds sophistication to each dish. The durable aluminium bowl features a lightly hammered texture around the rim, giving it a cool handcrafted look that will complement both rustic and industrial-style homes. The smooth metal surface is easy to clean and durable enough to last through years of everyday use. The bowl sits on a sturdy mango wood base, which adds warmth and stability to the design as well as an attractive natural grain that contrasts beautifully with the shiny metal bowl. Measuring 33 cms (L) X 33 cms (W) X 25.5 cms (H), this metal bowl is a versatile addition to your serving ware collection. It also makes a wonderful decor piece for your coffee table or night stand when filled with rocks, flowers or potpourri.

Width (cm): 33
Height (cm): 25.5
Length (cm): 33
Display Colour: Raw Nickel/Natural Wood
Material: Wood/Aluminium


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