Brimming with fresh country style, Kennedy & Grace is a modern homewares boutique, filled with everything from jewellery, furniture, art, gifts, bags, baskets and cow hide through to cool contemporary linen labels.

The Kennedy & Grace space is characterised by a calming interior and ‘country Hamptons’ feel. My aim for the space has been to create heavenly ambience; I strive for vintage appeal with a splash of elegance and a sprinkle of quirk. In terms of style, Kennedy & Grace is a little eclectic, in a traditional sense. In all things styling, I tend not to constrain myself to any set rhyme or reason and have instead opted for the ‘I love that, love that’ approach. Luckily, it seems to work! I tend to gather a fun assortment of appetising pieces and love that a simple element can transform a modest space. My rule of thumb is that a scrumptious little posy of forever peonies or natives paired with the rustic warmth of a wicker basket will always add charm.

Kennedy & Grace is nestled in the heart of the quintessential old country town of Clermont, which boasts a rich history and is renowned as one of the most historic towns in northern Australia. Clermont is proud to be a ‘frontier’ town and that atmosphere and sense of pioneering makes it a joy to live here. There remains a palpable presence within the town, from the days of gold rushes, copper mines, shearers, stock men, timber getters and squatters. I love the character of the town and the fact that it is my original home town, is quite special.