French Beaded Plate Sets


Dinner Plate (Pack of 4)
The Beaded White Porcelain Dinner Plate, perfect size dinner plate and can be used as a Charger under the Pasta Plate when plate layering for when your entertaining.

Pasta Plate (Pack of 4)
Beaded White Pasta Plate is perfect in size for a Salad & Soup. Perfect in size it also makes a great serving dish.

Lunch Plate (Pack of 4)
25 × 25 × 14 cm
The Beaded White Porcelain Lunch Plate, perfect size plate for lunch or small dinner and can be used as a Charger to your Cake Plate layering when you’re entertaining or just being FANCY at home.

Cake Plate (Pack of 4)
The Beaded White Porcelain Cake Plate also makes the perfect Bread & Butter Plate when plate layering for entertaining.

Fruit Bowl (Pack of 4)
The Beaded White Porcelain Fruit Bowl also makes for a great Cereal Bowl & Condiment Bowl

PACK 4 in a BOX.    

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