The Jalapeño - Margarita Mix


Prepare a deliciously smooth and balmy Marg with The Jalapeño Margarita Mix, to create an aromatic, warm (it's got a little bite, but it's not hot!) and unique taste experience. 

Our most savoury tasting Marg Mix, 1L will make 10 serves. In your shaker, combine 30ml of Tequila (try a Reposado tequila in this recipe!), 15ml of Triple Sec, and 95ml of The Jalapeño Margarita Mix and a scoop of ice.

Shake and strain over ice into a glass with a salt rim (we recommend our Smoked Salt flakes for the rim!) and garnish with a wheel of fresh jalapeño. Discover why this is the BEST* Jalapeño Margarita your tastebuds have ever tried *Says us, but actually true.

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